Dear fans of sports, hunting and weapons for personal security, we present the firm Ltd "Milovic Univerzal" from Vrbas.

Independent gunsmith workshop "Univerzal - M" was opened on March 1, 1996th year. Property of Peter and Srdjan Milovic. The ceremony followed without a single shot being fired. With good reason. The weapon is of course, a kind of discipline of the spirit. Testament tradition of humanity, heroism... Higher string of human life meaning. It is no coincidence that the great poet and the "cloud in trousers" Vladimir Mayakovsky said: "With weapons you live more intense!"

The man repairs guns in order to, with this instrument of conscience, reduce the limits of humans weakness, reconcile spoiled passions, repress revenge, supplement the word, forgiveness, increase peace of mind, calm nerves down and extend the life and descendants with platoons over cradle.

Armoury for peace.

Gunsmith shops to complement love.

Within life and concrete unifications of the miraculous mechanism and feelings generated by contact with the weapons in this workshop in addition to a top known repairs since 1998. there is also the sale of hunting and sporting weapons of renowned foreign and domestic producers, as well as hunting and shooting equipment and ammunition for hunting and sport shooting. That same year, we entered into a contract for the approved service of "Zastava-Weapons" from Kragujevac and we move to conquer the market for the repair and sale of weapons on the territory of the Vrbas, Backa, and beyond, so today we are very well known in Serbia, (and beyond). Immediately after in 1998. passing a law stating that no citizen of this state may possess a firearm without having completed training, we were among the first in the country to open center for training in handling firearms. Today there are no gun owners in this part of Backa who has not been trained in our shooting range for training and recreational shooting in Vrbas. Seeing the problems of shooting sports in 2006. we become authorized repairers of renowned companies from Germany, "Walther", "Anschutz" and "Feinwerkbau". At the same time we also become contracting service for all types of imported arms.

Adapting the internal organization of the new business strategy, independent gunsmithing workshop "Universal - M" since 2008 operates under the name of Ltd "Milovic Univerzal" which, besides the above, deals with the import - export of weapons.

Today Ltd "Milovic Univerzal", thanks to the rich experience of our gunsmith and market demands, in its service and retail store has a full range of sports, hunting and weapons for personal security, and equipment for hunting and sports shooting.

And I'm sure, nothing has started nor happen by accident.

Owner: Petar Milovic

Highly qualified precise machinist
Over 35 years of gunsmith experience.
Certified for: "WALTHER"
and "ANSCHUTZ" .
Shooting sport trainer.
Federal referee of shooting sports.

Srdjan Milovic

Machinist technician with over 10 years of gunsmith experience.
Certified for: "ZASTAVA-WEAPONS". 
Instructor of shooting sport.
Republic referee of shooting sports.

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